More than 2 decades worldwide experience in Security

As a result of the events of 9/11 (11 September 2001) in the United States, the entire aviation safety was put at a much higher readiness than before. The EU introduced new initiatives that were written down in the form of EU Regulation 185/2010.

The Danish Trafiktyrelsen is the entity that assures that Danish legislation complies with this EU regulation: Danish legislation can never be less demanding but can always introduce higher demands than EU 185/2010 prescribes.

X-Ray Scanning

The idea behind the regulation is to protect people as well as cargo within the aviation industry. The purpose of X-ray scanning is to intercept forbidden objects on the plane such as weapons, explosives, and detonators that potentially can trigger an explosive. Screening also prevents banned objects, such as ready-to-use explosives and combustible items, from shipping and mail.

As an approved regulated agency, I-SEC Denmark certifies its own employees, in compliance with EU and Danish legislation. This certification is done exclusively for cargo and includes certification for the operation of x-ray as well as ETD machines - The purpose to protect civil aviation against illegal acts.

As part of maintaining the quality of x-ray operators, I-SEC uses a computer-based training system called SIMFOX. As part of this, all operators will perform monthly tests. It is also possible to provide this type of training for external operators.

Other x-ray services that I-SEC Denmark can provide are:

  • Mobile x-ray scanning
  • X-ray person scanning services for high-risk conferences or fairs
  • Rental of equipment (x-ray as well as ETD)