In I-SEC Danmark A/S, we are dealing with security at both strategic and operational levels. We have been doing this since 1994 with great success, and today we are one of the best and largest screening companies in our field.

Our strength lies in a well-educated and motivated staff who contributes their personal abilities and professional skills in close cooperation with the customer and its employees.

I-SEC Danmark A/S is authorized by the Danish Transport Agency and safety-approved as EU-Regulated Agency, specializing in security handling of goods, according to Danish legislation and the National Security Program.

All our employees are trained and officially licensed as Security Operator / Screener with knowledge of explosive and dangerous objects and can therefore assess and respond to suspicious situations and objects, in compliance with the instructions of the authorities.


The results are achieved through continuous training of all our employees at all levels.

The professional strength lies with the individual employee and his personal qualities. We place great emphasis on the individual capabilities of our employees by encouraging their creativity and independent responsibility for the assigned tasks.

No task becomes a routine for us, we constantly strive to develop our techniques and knowledge to a possible higher level.

We work for customers in the following areas's.


  • Copenhagen area


  • Århus
  • Horsens
  • Kolding